With the aim of creating the most favourable conditions for the development of Polish film production on the one hand and promoting the good name and NCBJ brand on the other hand, the Polish Film Institute (PISF) and NCBJ agreed to cooperate in the framework of the "NCBJ Sponsorship Program of Polish Film Art". The Program gives the beneficiaries of Operational Programs of the Polish Film Institute the opportunity to use the services offered by the "Renderownia Świerk" on preferential terms.

In accordance with the rules applied by the Polish Film Institute, quota value saved by the film producer thanks to the Renderownia Świerk discounts, may be the producer's own contribution coming from the sponsor.

Within the framework of this Program NCBJ enables rendering of 3D animation for the purpose of production of animated films, animated series and also special effects for feature films. The preferential conditions of using the services of Renderownia Świerk is made subject to the film producer’s permission to publish an information on sponsored film production on the websites of NCBJ and Renderownia Świerk.

As part of the cooperation with the Polish Film Institute, NCBJ committed to continually expand the range of services provided by Renderownia Świerk and adapt them to the requirements of professional film production subsidized by the Polish Film Institute, as well as increase productivity of Renderownia Świerk in response to increasing demand from the beneficiaries, so that the services provided by Renderownia Świerk have a real value for them.

Those interested in further information, in particular Beneficiaries of Operational Programs of the Polish Film Institute please send a message via the contact form.