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Services We offer rendering of 3D animations using massively parallel data processing on High Performance Computing cluster located at the National Center for Nuclear Research (NCBJ).

Automatic Service

Rendering using 3ds Max and VRay through a web interface or a plug-in

Dedicated Servers

Rendering using any software on an agreed number of CPUs.

Custom Configuration

The service can be tailored to specific requirements of the Customer.

Offer Automatic service allows the user to select the priority for the task.
It determines the sequence in a queue of jobs waiting for execution.
The given prices for 1 GHzh are approximate. The exact values are in the Price List (0.4 MB, PDF).



The average waiting time - 1 min.

With the current promotion:

retail price 0.143 zł

bulk price 0.057 zł



The average waiting time - 0 min.

With the current promotion:

retail price 0.182 zł

bulk price 0.073 zł



The average waiting time - 0 min.

With the current promotion:

retail price 0.250 zł

bulk price 0.100 zł

Check the cost of your scene rendering

How does it work? Below we present the basic information on the Renderownia Świerk Automatic Service

Rendering of the 3D animation using 3ds Max and V-Ray in our render farm is extremely simple:

  1. Prepare the scene without using unnecessary plug-ins;
  2. Login to our automatic service site;
  3. Upload your input data (assets) to our servers using a simple-to-use manager. The assets can be used to render multiple scenes while our manager allows you to organize them in virtual catalogues;
  4. Define a new job, uploading your scene data and setting its parameters;
  5. In the course of the calculations you can check the results quality by previewing the completed frames;
  6. Download results from the HPC Cluster.

For a new scene you should select the “sanity-check” option which will allow the system to check if the scene does not contain any problematic settings for automatic rendering.

When using 3ds max version 2015 or later, the whole procedure can be carried out without leaving 3ds max on your computer thanks to our plugin. In this case, the validation (sanity-check) stage will be performed locally before the plugin will send any data to the Renderownia Swierk.

Remember: when placing a rendering order, you can specify the priority of the task. Those interested in shorter waiting time for the results of the calculations we suggest to choose priorities "Business" or "Premium".To start a new job it is necessary to have at least one Renderbon (RB). You may use a free-of-charge pool or a purchased one.

Note: Windows workstation with 3ds Max software and one of these browsers: Chrome (16+), Firefox (10+), Safari (7+) Internet Explorer (10+) or Opera (12.1) are necessary to use the automatic service of the Renderownia Świerk.

Currently available versions of graphics software:

  • 3ds Max: 2021 (obsługa scen w formacie 3ds Max 2021 lub starszym)
  • V-Ray: 5.10.0
  • Autograss: 1.5
  • Forest Pack: 6.3.1
  • MultiScatter: 1.618
  • MultiTexture: 2.04
  • RailClone: 4.2.1
  • FloorGenerator: 2.1
  • Ornatrix: 7.1.7
  • Pluginy SiNi Software: 1.21.1
  • BerconMaps: 3.04

NCBJ Sponsorship Program
of Polish Film Art

Special price of the Renderownia Świerk services for beneficiaries of the Polish Film Institute (PISF) Programs

Why Choose Us? There are at least six reasons (see below), why you should use the services of the Renderownia Świerk

Good price

  • Free trial pool,
  • bulk discount,
  • special promotions,
  • free data storage.


Revenue from the Rrenderownia Świerk services is used to finance the NCBJ research programme.


We meet the nuclear plant and NATO security standards. We are independently safety certified.


Duplicated (redundant) power supply systems, internet connections and render farm management.

HPC cluster

90 servers (two ten-core Intel Xeon E5-2680 v2 with 2.8 GHz and 128 GB of RAM each) and dedicated calculation optimisation system.


Internet connection bandwidth of 10 Gbit/s.

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