Dedicated Servers - how does it work?

The main features of this Renderownia Świerk service is the maximum flexibility, easy access (minimised formalities) and financial attractiveness with the clear preference for large orders.


We offer three types of servers. Servers can be managed by Windows or Linux. There are no limitations on the rendering software (Customer provides licenses for their chosen software). The required duration of the service (the length of the Session) can be determined with an accuracy of one day (with a minimum of 7 days). During the Session (but not later than 2 business days before its completion) The customer can prolong the Session without losing the discounts granted and without necessity of a next initial payment.


Any interested Customer will sign with us an endless framework agreement (on paper). Based on the agreement all other communication is done electronically. In that way we agree on terms and conditions for carrying out the particular Sessions of the service. For each Session individually we set the type of renderer software, the number of servers, Session duration in days and financial conditions (size of a discount offered on top of price-list charges).


The starting point for the price agreed for a single Session of the service is a price list (0.3 MB, PDF). It takes into account differences in the performance of individual server types (based on Cinebench R15 test) and gives a clear preference for long-term or multiple servers Sessions. It is worth emphasizing that each session is preceded by a two days long unpaid period of access to a computer system allowing for testing and uploading the input data and another up to five days long period, also unpaid, enabling the results (output data) download.



The Client may use any software providing the licenses by himself. Additionally the Renderownia Świerk may offer access to the following software:

  • 3ds Max + V-Ray,
  • Maya + V-Ray,
  • Blender,
  • RealFlow,
  • 3ds Max plugins (MultiScatter, ForestPack, RailClone and Autograss).


More about the conditions of "Dedicated Servers" service can be read in the Terms of Use (0.7 MB, PDF).



any time

Declaration of interest using the contact form with a choice of the "Dedicated Servers" subject.

after receiving the draft agreement

The submission of your company contact data and personal data of contact persons.

after receiving the agreement signed by NCBJ

The signing of the agreement referring to the Terms of Use for "Dedicated servers” (0.7 MB, PDF) service. Sending one copy of the agreement by registered mail.

together with the agreement or later

Indication of persons (Users) authorized to use the service (using the form 1 (0.5 MB, PDF)). Please note that, during the contract, you can either authorise some new people and/or withdraw authorisation from others.

each User individually

Fill in the application form to receive a VPN certification (according to p. 2 of the instructions given on the CIŚ page

each User individually

Obtaining a login and password to access Renderownia Świerk resources.

once a year

Extension of the VPN certificate validity of (according to the instructions on the CIŚ page


Dedicated Servers - ORDERING and COURSE of a SESSION

any time

Order the "Dedicated servers" Session by filling-out the Session order form (0.5 MB, PDF). Provide information on the type of software renderer, the Session duration time (minimum 7 days) and the number of servers required. Sent the order to:

answering the received offer

Agree on financial terms (eg. a discount) and confirm the order by e-mail.

5 days prior to planed Sesion start

Supply the licenses and media with the rendering software.

2 days prior to planed Sesion start

Transfer the amount agreed and mentioned on received pro-forma invoice to the NCBJ account of Renderownia Świerk.

2 days prior to planed Session start

Upload the Input Data and test the software. During this time, we will pass the instructions on how to use the HPC Cluster.

starting at 10:00 on the first Session day

Run rendering tasks and obtain the Output Data.

2 days prior to planed Session completion

Alternatively, extend the duration of the Session by filling-out the Session order form (0.5 MB, PDF). (The Session will be extended without changing the rates and without initial remuneration charge).

at 12:00 after the agreed Session time elapses

All rendering jobs will be stopped and access to the Servers will be withdrawn.

no longer than 5 calendar days after the Session completion

Download the Output Data (there is a possibility to record data to Customer’s disk) and remove the Data from the computer system of Renderownia Świerk.