18 May, 2016

New promotion

At the end of this month the currently applicable promotion in the Automatic Service will finish.

This is an opportunity for us to contemplate on the improvements that were introduced in the Automatic Service of Renderownia Świerk during the last period, as well as to decide whether to announce a new promotion, and if so, how big and for what period it should be.

The current promotion of 65% is effective from 1 December 2015. Since that time our service was getting richer and at the same time more and more reliable. Based on your comments we have introduced a range of new functionalities, e.g. in the field of new types of input and output files, the possibility of prepass, sanity check, etc. We have improved both the interface on our website, as well as a plugin to work from your own workstation. Despite these improvements we want as long as possible keep high discounts for your convenience. We believe that thanks to them, our services will be used more intensively and by a greater number of Customers. Therefore, we decided that a new promotion for Automatic Service of Renderownia Świerk will be valid until the end of September and offer a 45% discount. Price list of Renderownia Świerk, which will be in force during this period can be downloaded from here.

Please, take advantage of the promotion ...

Renderownia Świerk Team