30 May, 2017

KFF Industry

NCBJ Sponsorship Program was presented on 57th Krakow Film Festival.

On May 30, 2017, under the 57th Krakow Film Festival, Robert Baliński from PISF and Michał Findeisen from NCBJ presented film professionals with the principles of functioning of the Sponsorship Program of Polish Film Art. The event took place under the umbrella of "Animated in Poland" organised by the of Polish Animation Producers Association (SPPA).

The meeting was very popular with movie producers gathered at the Krakow Festival. After the introducing presentation a lively discussion took place. In particular, they asked how NCBJ support for film production would be handled by the PISF when contracting the grants and whether productions that did not receive PISF grants could also be covered by the Sponsorship Program. Interested parties are welcome to contact us.

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